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Kiropraktisk Klinik Brønderslev

Book your consultation today and get a personalised consultation for improving your own or your child's general health. Member of The Association of Danish Chiropractors. Agreement with Den Offentlige Sygesikring. We look forward to see you at our clinic.



MANDAG - TORSDAG KL. 8.00-18.00 FREDAG KL. 8.00-17.00

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Find a chiropractor in Denmark

At Chiropractic Center Brønderslev we have more than 30 years of experience in chiropractic care for patients of all ages, including pregnant people, newborn children and people with disabilities


Treatment of headache and migraine

Recurrent paediatric headache is common with annual prevalence rates ranging from approximately 5% among 3-year-olds to more than 50% of the population around puberty.


Specialist Susanne Lynge has more than 30 years of experience in the chiropractic treatment of children with headaches at her clinic Kiropraktisk Center Brønderslev, Denmark


In 2021 she published the first study of the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment of headache in children with overwhelmingly positive results. Read more about the research project here.

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chiropractor Denmark for students

We treat patients from all walks of life. If you are a student (foreign or danish) see here our prises and subsidies of chiropractic treatment in Denmark. We are members of the Danish Chiropractors Association and are priced through generel guidelines.

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